Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hair Script - Progress #5 / What a glitch

I started testing my script on modeled hair instead of polygon planes and I ran into three glitches.

Glitch 1 - Happens if the modeler modeled hair for one half of the body then mirrored it to the other half.   When I create and duplicate my curves, it will duplicate the U spans on one side, but the V spans on the other.  I "think" I can fix this glitch by rebuilding all of my NURB surfaces once they've been created.  I didn't want to do this because it's messy, but I'll just do some "create grouping" and hopefully no one will notice...

Glitch 2 - Happens if the modeler has combined all of the small hair meshes into one super mesh.  The script still works, I think it'll make rigging the original hair a lot harder.

Glitch 3 - Happens when the modeler has groups in groups.  My script works by selecting one hair group instead of marquee selecting all of the hair.  So if you select one top group, my script will end up duplicating the groups IN that group then when a for loop get to that transform node, the entire script will stop working.  Ugh, what a mess.


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