Friday, February 26, 2010

Plain speakin'

In the industry, or even in the classroom, people seem to have a collective habit of complicating their speech when explaining things to other people.  This is especially true of teachers and higher ups.  I hate this.  If someone is asking for help, especially if they're asking for help with something BASIC, there's a pretty good chance that they don't know a lot of technical jargon.  There's nothing wrong with keeping it simple and explaining what "industry terms" mean along the way.

Granted, you can't escape professional terms, but you don't have to present yourself like a condescending, pretentious know-it-all either. I hope if I'm ever in the position to teach or explain something, that I'll stick to my guns and keep it simple.

Simple is the way to go!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Lofting Dynamic Curves

So I ran across an interesting technique using Maya Hair that I thought I'd go over (VAGUELY) here.

You can create a series of curves, make them dynamic (or for more control, create a hair system using these curves), loft these curves, create a wind field and presto, you have something like a cape, curtains or linen blowing in the wind.  Try it out!