Sunday, March 27, 2011

Introduction to Cloth Simulation Tutorial - by Me!

So I mentioned this tutorial way back in Bible times, but when I got that call from Dreamworks, they suggested I send in any tutorials I've written as well as my resume, demo reel, bla bla bla. That lit a fire under my foot to finish this up.

This is a written tutorial in .pdf form. This tutorial is for people who have never touched nCloth before, people who've only done the "drop cloth on a cube" exercise and/or anyone who's curious about nCloth and how they could use it in an animated shot.

Keeping that in mind, I kept this tutorial as simple as I possibly could.

It's about 23 pages long (I think), it's not very technical and it has a lot of pictures along the way to help keep things nice and clear. The only thing that I'm planning to do to this is add more images near the end of the tutorial, and maybe make this prettier... I dunno. If anyone has any questions/suggestions to make this better, I'll be sure to edit it and repost it as soon as I can. I'll make another blog entry when I've decided to no longer edit this tutorial, but that won't happen for a year or two at the least.

Until I get suggestions, enjoy Intro to nCloth v. 1.0

Password: ncloth
(all one word, all lowercase, no spaces)


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