Monday, March 19, 2012

Back to the grindstone!

I drove back to my university for a visit, and decided to stay a week.  Not only was I able to grab the rendered version of the shots in my demo reel, I was able to start doing cloth work for a short they're working on.  It feels great to be working on actual scenes again!  I have to confess, I haven't done any real cloth simulation since I graduated so this has been a lot of fun.  I also have to figure out how I want to simulate this whip.  I'm thinking a hair curve would work better than nCloth, but we'll see what I can pull out of my hat.

^_^ *squee*

...don't look at me like that.  Simming hair and cloth IS fun!

I've also been hard at work creating the MEL version of my hair styling tool.  The UI is almost done, but that's the easiest part of the entire thing, so that's not saying much.  Anyway, let's hope I can finish it for SIGGRAPH.  And let's hope I can actually go to SIGGRAPH.



  1. Hey, Mel. It's Neil from Animation Aficionados. We want to invite you on for a show about the preservation of behind-the-scenes facts in the animation industry. Generally, we're talking about what credits on certain shows say and don't say. But specifically we'll be addressing the 1990s Spider-Man tv series, which seems to credit TMS almost exclusively for its animation, despite the vast majority of the series being obviously animated by AKOM.

    Let me know if you're interested.

    Also, I hope you don't mind that I'm contacted you this way. I don't have your email address.

    1. Hey! It's fine if you contact me here, but so you have my e-mail its:

      I don't know how qualified I am, lol, but I'd like to do this. Are there any other topics that you'll be touching on? I'd like to read up on it so I can contribute to the conversation lol. Thanks again for thinking of me!