Monday, March 21, 2011

Keeping up with the Jones'

When I was a Sophomore and Junior, I always felt bad about not knowing what was currently going on in the animation world. People would say, "Oh, have y'all seen the latest Gobelins short?" and everyone would be excited while I didn't even know what Gobelins was. My logical mind told me that it wasn't possible to have seen everything, but the artist in me just wanted to devour all there was to devour. You can't be expected to have seen everything, there's just too much out there, but there's nothing wrong with making an attempt is there? I don't think so.

I think I'll post shorts here every now and then, especially if I like the hair and cloth.

My first "pick" is Alarm, a short by the animation team MESAI.

This was directed by Moo-hyun Jang. I think this short is stunning. They went through great lengths to create a realistic environment only to throw a stylized character into it. It's almost eerie how well the two styles marry.

And, of course, I really like the cloth work. The hair, on the other hand, is a sticking point with me. I love to see polygonal hair move, but I think this hair is just a little too active. Eh, it might just be a personal preference. My teachers and fellow Hair/Cloth TD's tend to tell me my hair is too stiff. Anyway, watch Alarm. It's 8:50 long and well worth the time.

I hope you enjoy it in full screen and in HD!


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