Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Revisiting dockControl and Python classes

I hate floating windows with the passion of 1,000 red hot suns.  There was nothing I could do about it in version of Maya older than 2011, but now I have the ability to dock windows.  I talked about this in an earlier entry.

I've been watching a series of building UI's in Python by Jeremy Ernst that is just fantastic (and he hates floating windows too!  Yay!)  He uses the dockControl command religiously after video #4.  It's fantastic, but he never really mentions the fact that your script will error out if you use dockControl in a version of Maya that's older than 2011.  He does briefly touch on the fact that you can make docking true or false, but I thought I'd go ahead and share what I did.

If you're using Maya 2011 and higher, the window will dock.  If you're using Maya 2010 or lower, the window will float.

This may not be the most "efficient" way to do this, but it works.  If you know of a better or cleaner way to execute this, feel free to tell me.  I'm not offended if someone sends me an e-mail that says "idiot, you could do this in one line if---"

If you have no idea what the widgets dictionary in this script does, watch Jeremy Ernst's Building Maya Interfaces with Python video series, specifically video #6.  That's where he introduces it.

import maya.cmds as mc
import maya.mel as mel

class suitSuite():
    def __init__(self):
        self.widgets = {}
        self.winName = "suitSuite"
        self.dock = ""
        self.v = mel.eval('getApplicationVersionAsFloat')
        if self.v >= 2011:
            self.dock = True
            self.dock = False

        self.createUI(self.winName, self.dock)

    def createUI(self, winName, dock):
        #If Maya version is 2011 and above, create a dockable window, else create a floating window
        if dock == True:
            if mc.dockControl(winName + "_dock", exists = True) or 
mc.window(winName, exists = True):
                mc.deleteUI(winName + "_dock")
            if mc.window(winName, exists = True):

        self.widgets["window"] = mc.window(winName, title = "Suit Suite v. 0.1", width = 350, height = 500)
        self.widgets["mainLayout"] = mc.columnLayout(width = 350, height = 500)
        if dock == True:
            mc.dockControl(winName + "_dock", label = "Suit Suite v. 0.1", area = "left", allowedArea = "left", content = self.widgets["window"] )


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