Monday, August 13, 2012

Claudia Chung, you're my hero!

And I got to meet her when I was at SIGGRAPH!

Know this about me: I don't like speaking to people I don't know.  I'm award and tall and I feel like I'm looming over people like some weird gargoyle statue.  But I really couldn't forgive myself if I didn't say hello. I pretty much ambushed her and introduced myself.

What I wanted to say:
You're my hero!  You're the smartest, most talented, most amazing woman ever!  I want to get a job at Pixar  just so I can look over your shoulder and learn EVERYTHING!!  o___o The hair and cloth in Brave was AMAZING!!  Teach me everything you know.  RIGHT NOW!!!

What I actually said:
Hi, I'm Melissa.  You're such an inspiration to me.  ...bye.

Still kind of creepy, right?  But at least I got to say hello.  I wanted to take a picture... but that would have been too much.  Or would it?  Yeah, probably.

Squee!!  #geekingout


Read this interview with her:

More Brave stuff.  Good reading.

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