Thursday, January 26, 2012

Two new MEL scripts

I recently finished two MEL scripts that I hope will help you guys out.  Both of these are for Windows users.  Thanks to the kind people at CGTalk that helped me when I was stuck.

1)  Snapshot.  Creates a snapshot of the active viewport and saves the image in a Snapshot folder, located in your project directory.  This should save you the hassle of taking and editing screenshots.
NOTE:  Because of a glitch in Maya 2012, the only image format you can have is an .iff.  I'm working on this.  Hopefully I can get a workaround working soon.

Match It!
2) MatchIt!  Will match the translation/rotation of one or more objects to your source object.  You're able to choose the affected axes.

Let me know if you want one of them and I'll send them to you.


PS  Sorry about nCloth for Novices #2.  I noticed and error and deleted it.  It should be up again shortly.

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