Monday, June 20, 2011

FakeDYN - amazing script

So, Remi Cauzid is my idol for the moment.  He's created a tool that 'fakes' dynamics in real time.  He's explained what it does himself, so I'll just quote him:

A script I have developed for my rig in Maya.
Super fast, the dynamic result can be seen in real time in the view port.

I am using a simple expression making a delay in position on a locator. Then I am using different locator to drive the chain of joints.

One chain of joints is used as an input animation, and the other one is the result plus dynamic on it.

There is possibility to change the damping, the springiness, add some force to simulate a gravity or wind, and add some random noise to the movement for a more organic result.

I am mainly using this in my rig for animal ears, tails, little pieces of fabric, but there is many possibilities as it is shown with the carriage.

I'm dying to figure out how he did it, but one thing at a time.  I'm still working on my hair creation tool.  Anyway, watch his video demonstration here, and be sure to comment under his video on Vimeo.

Script for maya, simulating dynamic. from Remi Cauzid on Vimeo.


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