Thursday, May 12, 2011

Maya hair and Python

So Maya Hair can be a real witch with a capital B.

I've never, ever worked with Python.

Given those two facts, it makes perfect sense for me to make a hair creation tool in Python.

I am having a BLAST learning Python.  It makes so much more sense than MEL (which I'm still struggling with BTW).  For one thing, I don't feel like Yoda when working with Python.  Granted, I've only been playing with MEL for about 7 months or so, but it still seems backward to me.  Python feels very straight forward.

It's a little weird having to do the whole "import maya.cmds as (whatever)" though.

My first impression of Python is you run the risk of killing a fly with an axe.  It seems like Python is better used when doing something complex but if you're doing something simple, you may as well stick with MEL.  We'll see if that impression is correct.

By the by, what's going on with that nuke project I was talking about a while ago?  Glad you asked.

I'm still working on it.  (Not being in school is awesome.  There's much more time to do things).  Unfortunatley, my laptop is older than Adam's dirt so things are slow.  So very slow.  I need a computer, y'all.


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