Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A guide to Cloth Simulation - by me!

I've always grumbled about the lack of documentation on cloth simulation.  Why won't people take the time to write things out?!  Well, it's time for me to put up or shut up.  I'm in the process of making a novice friendly guide to cloth simulation using Maya nCloth.  Since it's aimed at complete novices, it won't be full of technical mumbo-jumbo.  It's just as well.  I hate that (see one of my earlier entries).  If you write something, everyone should be able to understand it, that's what I think.  Anyway, someone asked me if I was going to put it online.  I hadn't thought about it until he asked me.

I think I will.

When it's done, I hope people benefit from it, and understand my insane ramblings.  I'm always up for critiques.  For the one random person who wanders into this blog: if you see my "tutorial", check it out and give me some tips on how to improve it.

In the meantime... feel free to stare at this page and, I dunno, wait for it?


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