Monday, January 25, 2010

Fluid, Particles and Maya

So my first post in this blog is random.

Go figure.

I've come to the conclusion that Maya is too versatile for it's own good.  It's my opinion that's it's grown to the point where no single person knows everything there is to know about the program anymore, including the people who programmed it.

A fellow student (who is 100x more amazing than I can ever hope to be) introduced me to Peter Shipkov and his awesome awesomeness.  Using his presets as a guide (as well as other sources online), I'm starting to experiment with particles being shaded/driven/AAAAAH by fluids and WOW.  Two steps in and I'm lost like a blind women in a forest of shadows.

Why is nothing easy?!  And why am I so excited to get my first test up?!  I might be insane, but this is just so much fun!


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